Chipping Hammers

Ingersoll Rand chipping hammers are the top choice for light demolition work - including concrete and masonry removal - where you need a hard-hitting, well-balanced tool.

What is a chipping hammer used for?

Chipping Hammers are used for light material removal, typically in the horizontal position. Applications such as carving rock, removing grout between brick, removing swimming pool surfaces, removing old or dried concrete from inside cement mixers.

How does a chipping hammer work?

An air-driven hammer/piston drives a bit (often called a “steel”) up and down. Depending on the material being destroyed, different stroke lengths and attachments can be used.

What options should I consider?

Shank Size

Ingersoll Rand chipping hammers feature two types of shanks

  • 0.58 inch Hex Nozzle
  • 0.68 inch Round Nozzle

For heavier materials, such as cutting a line in concrete, consider choosing the Hex Shank to keep the bit from rotating.

Handle Type

Ingersoll Rand offers two distinct types of handles:

  • Forged-steel swan-neck handles (A Series, W Series): Provides excellent durability under severe usage, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Die-cast aluminium, four-bolt “D-handle” (D Series): Reduces weight and accommodates a gloved hand, lowering operator fatigue. This style handle also provides better access to the valve and cylinder to make servicing easier.