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Introducing RTS Connect

Ingersoll Rand® is proud to announce the release of the Responsive Tightening System – RTS Connect, a revolutionary addition to its suite of precision fastening tools. Designed with Responsive Torque Control technology, it is set to transform assembly lines with enhanced accuracy and reliability.

"RTS Connect is a significant advancement in our ongoing efforts to enhance productivity and quality on assembly lines," said Kartik Sahu, Global Portfolio Leader at Ingersoll Rand. "Its intuitive design and robust wireless connectivity equip our customers with a competitive edge in the fast-evolving industrial landscape.”

RTS Connect is a response to the growing demand for more efficient and reliable tools in assembly manufacturing. It features Ingersoll Rand's proprietary torque control algorithm, ensuring precise, consistent tightening and performance across various joint types. This tool is equipped with 40 torque levels, 7 flush levels, and a dual-speed non-contact trigger.

Understanding the needs of today’s assembly lines, RTS Connect is engineered to offer both performance and ergonomic comfort. Its design reduces operator fatigue thanks to its lightweight, balanced build and ergonomic grip. Compatible with the Ingersoll Rand IQV20™ battery platform, the tool also reduces the need for multiple batteries, lowering operational costs.

Features that Stand Out

360° Status Beam LED Ring Light: Illuminates the workpiece and provides users with clear, immediate feedback, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in manufacturing environments.
Multiple Programming Options: Program RTS Connect Tools in 45 seconds for basic setup and under 60 seconds for advanced setup, saving time and boosting productivity.
Integrated LCD Display: Simplifies setup and provides instant operational feedback.
Multi-Pset Configuration: Set up 8 programming configurations on standalone or connected tools to reduce tooling investment.
Flexible Connectivity Options: Including Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, and USB-C for seamless integration with existing systems.

The RTS Connect is more than just a tool; it’s a versatile solution designed to meet the complex needs of modern manufacturing environments. It allows for standalone or connected operations and offers multiple programming options that adapt quickly to changes in production requirements.

This tool is now available for purchase. To learn more about the RTS Connect, visit