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Ingersoll Rand® power tools bring cutting-edge innovation and exceptional performance to the Truck, Bus, and RV markets

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Driving Innovation: Powering your Trucks, Buses & RVs


At Ingersoll Rand® we are committed to being your trusted partner throughout your fleet's lifecycle.


Our team offers expert guidance on fuel efficiency and safety standards, helping you select the right equipment to accomplish your goals. 


Improve productivity and ensure reliable performance across your vehicles with our industry-leading knowledge and innovative technologies.

Ingersoll Rand® specializes in delivering comprehensive solutions for trucks, buses, and RVs

What we offer...


  • Complete air compressor systems that optimize engine performance


  • Advanced diagnostic tools for quick troubleshooting on the go


  • Preventive maintenance programs tailored to your specific needs


What you can expect...


  • Less unexpected breakdowns


  • Improved vehicle longevity


  • Increases in productivity and profitability


  • Unparalleled expertise and support at every step


Tools Steering the Future

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