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Assembly Tooling for Advanced Aerospace and Defense Materials

Today’s advanced assembly tools are helping aerospace manufacturers produce ever-more complex products while maximizing productivity. Aerospace manufacturing is increasingly outsourced to tier-one, tier-two, and tier-three manufacturers and machine shops. These sub-suppliers know how important assembly tools are to their business’ success. If they are unable to efficiently deliver precision-made components and sub-assemblies they will, at the very least, experience delays, costing them money and putting customer projects behind schedule.

Precision becomes vey important when securing fasteners that have varying substrates and/or compositions. The quality and consistency of a fastened joint are often determined by how fast the tool is running during all stages of the fastening cycle. If the tool runs too fast, it can damage or stress the material, strip threads, and dimple panels or joints that are not properly relaxed. If the tool runs too slowly, the station's takt time may not be met, torque reaction may be too strong for the user or the battery life can be shortened. Programmable speed control allows the technician to optimize the speed for each application.

Cordless precision tools, like the QX SeriesTM from Ingersoll Rand, provide aerospace and defense assembly workers the mobility they need to be efficient and highly productive. When these tools are network-connected, they help manufacturers get the job done more economicly and with greater precision and safety.

Without question, the current market dynamics confirm that aerospace and defense manufacturers will need to leverage advanced electric and battery tools to improve product reliability and consistency to support today’s complex designs and diverse materials.

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