Farm and Agricultural Equipment

Farms need the best tools in the business to keep their equipment in tip-top shape. Explore the Ingersoll Rand cordless tools that keep the industry moving.

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The agriculture industry doesn’t stop moving —

and neither does Ingersoll Rand®


In agriculture, the work never stops, and neither should the machinery you use to get the job done.


From tractors and lawnmowers to irrigation systems and feed equipment, heavy machinery helps you get the job done, every single day — whether you’re working on a large industrial farming complex, or you own a small plot that’s been in the family for generations.


1-Inch Cordless Impact Wrench

To keep up with all the tasks that you tackle, you need tools that keep your equipment operating at peak performance.


The Ingersoll Rand® QX Series™ of cordless tools is designed to do just that. With digitally traceable tightening capabilities, powerfully durable components, and the highest torque in the business, these tools are designed to bring significant power in no time flat — no matter what kind of job you’re up against.


Cordless Precision Fastening Systems


Tools That Keep the Work Moving


QX Series™ Cordless Torque Multipliers

QX Series™ Cordless Angle Wrenches & Screwdriver

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