Heavy Industrial Equipment

Meet the tools that help assemble the heavy machinery that builds the world around us. The QX Series™ increases productivity and lowers costs thanks to connected data recording and best-in-class hardware that keeps tools operating at peak performance.

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Heavy on Performance

Manufacturing and servicing heavy equipment comes with high stakes. Technicians need to meet tight tolerances and follow highly specific safety measures to assemble the complicated machinery that creates the roads, homes, and buildings we all enjoy using every day.


That’s where Ingersoll Rand® comes in.

The QX Series™ is designed to help heavy manufacturing professionals get the job done safely and effectively with tools that bring major power, durability, and reliability.


You’ll maximize performance thanks to cross-platform features like powerful brushless motors and software connectivity for real-time data recording while remaining comfortable thanks to ergonomic design elements. 


Cordless Precision Fastening Systems


From angle wrenches and screwdrivers to cutting-edge tool software, we offer a full portfolio of tools that help you get the job done, every step of the way.

Introducing the Heavy-Hitters

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