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With a steadfast commitment to achieving the highest quality, we provide state-of-the-art equipment that revolutionizes how roads are built and railways are operated

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Paving the way to efficient transportation and infrastructure globally

Our diverse selection of solutions is expertly designed to conquer the specific challenges in road construction and railway maintenance.


We are redefining efficiency and reliability from compaction equipment ensuring solid foundations for highways to advanced railcar handling systems optimizing logistics.


MX Series Spike Drivers


Ingersoll Rand® expertise delivers performance at every stage in road and railway construction solutions. Our intelligent cordless tools and control systems enhance productivity by streamlining operations on busy job sites.


For railway applications, rely on our industry-leading solutions that set new benchmarks for safety and efficiency.


1-Inch Cordless Impact Wrench

We offer innovative asphalt pavers to lay down smooth surfaces with utmost precision while our rugged locomotive air starters offer reliable power ignition even under extreme conditions.


Whether your needs call for customized cutting tools, impact wrenches, or attachments designed to meet specific requirements, we also provide a comprehensive selection of essential accessories that guarantee peak performance at every stage of your operations.


Power Tools for Roads and Railways

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