QX Connect Cordless Assembly Tools

Take full control of assembly process with Intelligent cordless assembly Tools. Its helps Increase productivity, improves controls and ergonomics.

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QX Connect Series to help you get the job done right

Taking total control of your fastening process doesn't have to be complicated. Our comprehensive QX Connect Series™ family of fastening systems deliver simple, flexible and capable solutions for all of your assembly requirements.

No matter the industry or application, you can count on Ingersoll Rand on QX Connect Series to help you get the job done right.



              Quality Control

Transducerized Tools provides accurate and Traceable results for Torque and Angle for your critical Fastening Applications.



  • Configure and control Torque, Angle and RPM
  • Tightening Result Status on Tool Display
  • Wireless & Bluetooth communication options enable flexible line integration for process control



32 programming Configurations

Consolidate your in station tooling as QX connect Tools now have 32 Fully programmable to deliver higher quality fastened joints for your changing Assembly needs.



  • One Tool for Multiple Applications
  • One Tools for Multiple model on Assembly lines
  • Available at No additional Cost


Reduce Setup Time by 50%

Fast and intuitive programming makes the tool easily adaptable to any needed changes on your assembly line in less than 3 minutes with multiple programming options i.e. Insight connect APP or Tool Display.



  • Reduce Down Time i.e. More production Time
  • No Special Training required
  • Tool Cloning for Similar Torque Applications


Best in Class Ergonomics

Optional Ergonomic Tightening System strategy for reduced torque reactions and Tools Weights start from .91kg and balance are best in Class.



  • Less Operator fatigue
  • ETS reduces Injury exposure

Customize For Special Applications

The QX Pistol Special Head Adapter is the perfect solution to simply increase the flexibility of your QX pistol screwdriver. Common applications requiring a special head adapter, include assembling aircraft wings or installing door hinges on cars and trucks.





Use standard QX Connect Pistol Grip Tools

Ready Made and Easy to Install

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