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The Future of Generation Z is Looking Bright in Manufacturing



As manufacturing facilities look for new talent to fill employee gaps, there may be a demographic that gives them new hope: Generation Z (Gen Z). Born right after millennials, Gen Z has birth years between late-1990s to early-2000s, and companies are taking strides to introduce the generation to the idea of a manufacturing career early on.According to an article from Automation World, recent research shows that Gen Z (ages 18 to 22 years) is more interested than millennials (ages 23 to 37 years) in a career in manufacturing. Much of the interest stems from the generation’s increased exposure to manufacturing as a viable career option. The survey found that Gen Z is seven percent more likely to consider a career in the manufacturing industry than the millennial age group.



What Does This Data Mean to Manufacturing Companies?

Companies have a chance to bolster a new workforce with Gen Z. As youth begin to grasp the benefits of working in manufacturing, they can start to picture a future at a production plant. For instance, the article explains that more than half of Americans assume the annual salary of a manufacturing manager is less than $60,000, when in reality, the average salary in 2018 was almost double at $118,500. As the younger generation learns more about this industry, they can debunk these myths and take advantage of career opportunities in manufacturing.


What Can Gen Z Bring to Manufacturing?

The earliest members of Gen Z were born when the Internet was already accessible to many homes. So naturally, most members of the generation grew up using the world-wide web - and are experts with it. With Gen Z’s unique digital skills and manufacturing facilities’ transformation to Big Data solutions, companies can rely on Gen Z to learn the new, connected technology quickly and efficiently.

Ingersoll Rand enhances productivity with innovative solutions. The company participates in National Manufacturing Day every October to educate youth and the general public about the benefits, contributions and advances of the manufacturing industry. As the members of Gen Z begin to look for stable careers where they can put their skills to work, Ingersoll Rand can provide them with the right tools, like the INSIGHTqc Controller. It has an intuitive interface and traceability features that make collecting and analyzing data simple, not to mention make a digital native feel right at home. With technological solutions in place, manufacturing plants will help make Gen Z’s transition into the workplace seamless.