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Feed Drills Drive Manufacturing Productivity

Maximizing productivity is important to every manufacturing facility. To do this, facilities need tools that are reliable, easy-to-use and simple to maintain. These tools also need to be adaptable to accommodate modified setups. Automated feed drills have these qualities and can accommodate diverse manufacturing operations.

Feed drills are known for their reliability. They automate manufacturing processes that would otherwise be manual, streamlining assemblies and providing greater precision, accuracy and consistency. To all manufacturers, particularly small and general industry shops, saving time and labor costs is important.

Ingersoll Rand pneumatic feed drills are effective and economical for manufacturing challenges, such as plastic molding, metal die casting and woodworking. Applications include drilling rivet holes and wing frame mounting holes for aerospace, drilling panel and frame holes for appliances, drilling dowel holes for furniture and drilling wood and metal parts for doors and windows.

Ingersoll Rand Feed Drill Products

Ingersoll Rand has a diverse line of Aro® Bant-A-Matic, Par-A-Matic, Super-Par-Matic clutch-type and High-Thrust Series pneumatic feed drills for both manual and remote operations. They can be used for drilling, reaming, counter sinking, counter drilling and tapping.

ARO fixtured, automatic feed drills are a reliable solution when accurate and repeatable hole-drilling and tapping is needed. Depending upon the process requirements and plant power sources, manufacturers can choose from fixed pneumatic self-feed drills and tappers that have a wide range of spindles, controls and mounting accessories.

ARO offers a broad range of products with the performance and precision required to automate a wide array of secondary machining applications simply and economically. For example, the Bant-A-Matic, Par-A-Matic and Super-Par-A-Matic Series product lines provide the necessary selection, performance and degree of precision to do this. The small rotary-vane air motors allow for a compact design, making the tools lightweight, comfortable and flexible. The tools are easy-to-install and require only simple pneumatic circuitry.

The ARO High-Thrust 8670 Series automatic feed drills are designed for increased material removal rates of standard alloys and non-ferrous materials. Their high power and thrust enable the machining of even the most demanding materials, including titanium and high-nickel alloys. ARO Hi-Thrust drills feature a dual piston which develops the increased thrust 500 pounds for fast penetration and reduced cycle times. The drills are fully automatic, with all cycle and motor functions regulated by a single control module.