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Avoid Downtime with Simple, Flexible and Capable Technology

According to research from Information Technology Intelligence Consulting, one hour of downtime can cost companies up to $100,000.1 However, emerging technologies help create a more efficient workforce.

Connected devices and smart, integrated systems help facilities avoid downtime and optimize throughput. Without around-the-clock, remote monitoring, manufacturers risk delayed notice about quality issues or worse, downtime. Connected tool systems that workers can access via an app on a smartphone or browser empower them to retrieve fastening data on demand. These modern fastening tool systems are easy to implement, simple to program and are intuitive for operators.

There's an App For That

With modern control systems also comes mobility. There’s an app for just about anything these days – even on the manufacturing floor. Some tool systems have mobile applications so that operators can control production lines anytime, anywhere.

The INSIGHT Connect mobile application from Ingersoll Rand enhances a facility’s digital footprint and increases overall efficiency. With the app, operators can adjust tool settings and move around on the plant floor, instead of being tethered to a desktop to implement change. Operators can use a smartphone or tablet to set and edit basic torque and angle control fastening strategies, clone settings from one tool to another, and review cycle and audit logs.

Even without an internet connection, operators can use the INSIGHT Connect mobile app to control their manufacturing processes. The app can operate offline to function in facilities where network access may be a problem, thus further mitigating downtime in manufacturing settings where productivity is essential.

Smartphones and internet-connected devices equip operators with convenient, modern technology for the manufacturing floor. The convergence of convenience and technology helps operators take control of their fastening processes, anytime and anywhere, for high-quality output and customer satisfaction.