Pulse Tools

Ingersoll Rand offers a full line of transducerized and standard shutoff and non-shutoff pulse tools in pistol, angle and in-line configurations to meet your needs. These extremely lightweight, reactionless tools offer excellent power, speed, accuracy and ergonomics.

Ingersoll Rand's pneumatic pulse tools are innovative and high-performance tools designed for efficient and precise fastening applications. These tools utilize the power of compressed air to deliver rapid pulses of torque, making them ideal for tasks that require quick and consistent tightening or loosening of fasteners.

With their compact and lightweight design, Ingersoll Rand's pneumatic pulse tools offer excellent maneuverability and ease of use. They are engineered with advanced technology and ergonomic features to enhance operator comfort and minimize fatigue during extended use.

These tools are known for their exceptional durability and reliability, capable of withstanding demanding industrial environments. They incorporate robust construction and high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance requirements.

Ingersoll Rand's pneumatic pulse tools also provide precise control over torque levels, allowing users to achieve accurate and repeatable results. They are equipped with adjustable torque settings and often feature innovative torque control mechanisms to prevent overtightening or stripping of fasteners.

Whether in automotive, manufacturing, construction, or other industries, Ingersoll Rand's pneumatic pulse tools deliver the power, efficiency, and precision required for a wide range of fastening applications.