Calibration Equipment

The user-friendly Expert Series of calibration equipment from Ingersoll Rand meets the essential need for assembly operations with torque control standards. Our transducers and joint simulators provide quick and accurate results for your entire tool portfolio.

Ingersoll Rand's calibration equipment encompasses a range of advanced devices and instruments used to verify and adjust the accuracy of measurement tools and sensors. These tools are crucial for maintaining consistent performance and adherence to standards in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and more. Ingersoll Rand's calibration equipment includes items like pressure calibrators, temperature calibrators, electrical calibrators, and multifunction calibrators, among others.

In addition to calibration equipment, Ingersoll Rand offers a comprehensive lineup of testing equipment. This includes devices used for analyzing and evaluating the performance, durability, and safety of different products and systems. Ingersoll Rand's testing equipment covers areas such as vibration analysis, thermal imaging, non-destructive testing, torque measurement, and more. These tools assist professionals in identifying faults, conducting quality control assessments, and ensuring the overall reliability of components and structures.