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Empowering the Leaders of Tomorrow: Celebrating Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Date: April 25, 2024

At Ingersoll Rand®, we believe the spark of innovation is not just in the tools we create but also in the minds we inspire. That's why we were thrilled to open our doors for this year’s Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. A day filled with creativity, learning, and discovery, we invited our employees to bring their children into the world of power tools and technology, turning our headquarters into a dynamic learning hub. The day unfolded into a series of interactive activities, each hosted by a different team within our company, showcasing the diverse skills and knowledge that fuel our success.

Our Engineering team kicked things off with a dive into the future of manufacturing, demonstrating the advanced capabilities of 3D printing and laser engraving. The children watched in awe as our machines sculpted and etched their unique designs, learning about the precision and versatility of modern prototyping. Participants went home with a personalized 3D printed nametag and their very own laser engraved aluminum ID badge, tangible reminders of the day they became engineers. To demonstrate the real-world application of these technologies, we even built a simple motor from 3D printed parts. It was a hands-on lesson about how these tools help us turn imagination into reality.


Our Customer Experience & Technical Services team, known for their expertise in translating complex ideas into user-friendly knowledge, hosted our next session where our young visitors directed and starred in their very own power tool commercials. With the guidance of our skilled videographer, they learned how to frame a shot, capture the essence of a product, and tell a story that connects with audiences. The session was a window into the creative process behind the content that shapes customer perceptions.

In our solar-powered session led by the Engineering team, we shifted gears to talk about renewable energy. We introduced our junior colleagues to the basics of solar power, understanding how this clean energy source is harnessed and why it's essential for our planet's future. Energized by the presentation, the children built their own solar-powered cars, a hands-on project that combined education with environmental responsibility, sparking a sense of pride as they raced their creations in the sun.


Ever wondered if sound can be seen? Our Industrial Design team captivated our young audience with experiments that made sound waves visible. This intersection of science and art offered a unique perspective on the impact of design beyond what meets the eye. It was an experience that resonated with the children, showing them that design can be a multisensory adventure.

Lastly, the spirit of friendly competition came alive in the Marshmallow-Spaghetti Tower Engineering Challenge, hosted by our Project Management team. The kids were divided into teams, tasked with building the tallest tower using only marshmallows and spaghetti. This exercise was not just about construction; it was about collaboration, problem-solving, and learning from each other. As towers rose and fell, so did laughter and cheer, culminating in a group debrief where every participant shared their insights, reinforcing the value of teamwork and reflection.

"Today was about more than introducing our kids to our workplace; it was about inspiring them to think, create, and dream," said James Ripley, CX Process and Services Excellence Manager. "It's moments like these that spark a child’s interest in technology and engineering."





We closed the day feeling energized and hopeful, reminded of the bright future ahead, thanks to our curious and eager group of young minds. We believe that by welcoming these future leaders, inventors, and creators, we're investing in a world that will continue to value craftsmanship, creativity, and community.

Here’s to the next generation of innovators, may your ideas power the world.