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Ingersoll Rand® offers a comprehensive range of high-quality and reliable solutions tailored specifically for the automotive and transportation markets

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In the automotive and transportation industry, where precision and accuracy are paramount, Ingersoll Rand® power tools deliver exceptional performance and meet the demanding requirements. Our tools are engineered with cutting-edge technology, ensuring optimal torque control and accurate tightening for critical automotive applications.


They are meticulously designed to provide precise power, enabling technicians to achieve consistent and accurate fastening and bolting of crucial components. Whether it is assembling engines, securing components, tire service, or bodywork, Ingersoll Rand® power tools excel in delivering the perfect blend of power, control, and reliability.


From manufacturing to maintenance, our comprehensive range of innovative solutions is geared toward driving efficiency and superior performance across every aspect of your operations. Whether you require durable compact impact wrenches to reach a tight space or precision tools for intricate repairs, our solutions meet the demands of modern automotive manufacturing and maintenance processes. The dedication to our legacy continues to minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and reduce maintenance costs in this essential industry.