Ingersoll Rand's cordless ratchets are innovative and versatile power tools designed to provide efficient and convenient fastening solutions. These ratchets utilize advanced battery technology to deliver exceptional performance and freedom from cords or air hoses. With their compact and lightweight design, Ingersoll Rand's cordless ratchets offer excellent maneuverability and ease of use in various applications.

Equipped with durable and high-quality components, these ratchets are built to withstand demanding tasks while ensuring reliability and longevity. They feature ergonomic handles and comfortable grips, promoting user comfort and reducing fatigue during extended use. Ingersoll Rand's cordless ratchets also incorporate intelligent features like variable speed triggers and built-in LED lights for enhanced control and visibility in dimly lit workspaces.

These ratchets are known for their impressive power output, allowing for efficient fastening and loosening of bolts, nuts, and other fasteners. They offer a range of torque settings, enabling users to customize the tool's power based on the specific task at hand. Ingersoll Rand's cordless ratchets are designed to be versatile, making them suitable for various industries such as automotive repair, construction, and maintenance.