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Avoid Injury with Reduced-Reaction Tool Technology

Ergonomics or tool control? Until recently it’s been an either-or scenario. Manufacturers commonly think reduced reaction power tools don’t provide the torque control they need. Today, assembly tools with reduced-reaction technology are highly accurate, easy to integ...

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Filling the Manufacturing Gap with Women in the Workplace

As the manufacturing industry continues to grow, two million jobs are vacant, and today, manufacturing lines and facilities are mostly male-dominated.

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Tool Tip: How Much Torque Do I Need?

Torque is arguably the most important feature of a tool, and many people assume the more power, the better. However, it’s a mistake to assume a “when in doubt, apply more torque” attitude.


Avoid Downtime with Simple, Flexible and Capable Technology

Connected devices and smart, integrated systems help facilities avoid downtime and optimize throughput. Without around-the-clock, remote monitoring, manufacturers risk delayed notice about quality issues or worse, downtime. Connected tool systems that workers can access via an app on a smartphone or browser empower them to retrieve f...

QX Series Low Torque Angle Cordless Precision Fastening tool works on truck and bus assembly line

Ease the Pain of Manufacturing with Ergonomic Assembly Tools

Manufacturing industries rely on assembly tools like air-powered screwdrivers, nut runners and drills. These tools are a driving force in the assembly process, but they can also be the cause of undue pain for operators if ergonomics are not applied to the tool and how the tool is used.


Assembly Tooling for Advanced Aerospace and Defense Materials

Today’s advanced assembly tools are helping aerospace manufacturers produce ever-more complex products while maximizing productivity. Aerospace manufacturing is increasingly outsourced to tier-one, tier-two, and tier-three manufacturers and machine shops.

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Simple, Yet Advanced, Tools for All Ages

It’s no secret that the U.S. is facing a shortage of skilled manufacturing workers. There are roughly half a million unfilled manufacturing jobs today. A study by Deloitte found that one of the top reasons these positions typically go unfilled is the shift in desired skillsets “due to the introduction of advanced technologies."


Connectivity: The Key to a Millennial-Run Factory

The new decade welcomes millions of millennials to the workforce. In fact, the generation, born between 1981 and 1996, is now the largest labor force in the U.S., according to Pew research. Many millennials grew up with the World Wide Web and are used to using mobile apps and services to support them in their daily routines.


3 Reasons Why Manufacturing Plants are Choosing Precision Electric and Battery Tools

Industry trends show manufacturing plants are taking advantage of electric and battery tools. Battery-powered tools have become commonplace on the assembly line because they provide freedom from cords and wires, improve safety and ergonomics for workers and offer many of the benefits of electric tools at a lower cost.

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Sophisticated fastening tools improve heavy equipment operations