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Needle Scalers & Chisel Scalers

Whether you need to remove heavy weld slag in an industrial setting, or need to clean up a delicate surface, Ingersoll Rand has a scaler for you. Choose between a pistol grip or conventional in-line design to get the job done quickly and comfortably.

Heavy-Duty & Industrial-Grade Scalers

Scalers are percussive tools that deliver a rapid, light blow for surface preparation involving removal of unwanted material without deforming metal surfaces. This unwanted material could be scale, rust, paint, weld, splatter, or various other materials on top of the desired parent material. Needle scalers and chisel scalers are the perfect tool when dealing with irregular surfaces.

Air needle scalers and air chisel scalers are the lightest hitting of all percussive tools, relative to jackhammers. With air scalers, you want to determine the type of cleaning to be done and discuss whether to utilize needles or chisels with the tool.

Air scalers do not have enough energy to dig into, gouge, or cut into the parent material. Scalers are a good cleaning tool and work well in a maintenance shop that has overall facility responsibility.

Needle Scaler in an industrial setting
Man using heavy-duty needle scaler

Markets & Applications

You will find scalers in a range of markets where removal of medium to heavy surface material is required. Facilities and job sites that utilize air scalers can include: 

  • Production plants
  • Construction sites
  • Shipyards
  • Railroad car shops
  • Steel Erection
  • Bridge maintenance

For example, heavy equipment maintenance departments use scalers to remove rust from their fleet of equipment.

Available in Kits

Kits are convenient in that you get everything you need to begin using the tool and can provide cost savings of up to 35-40% off of the price of the accessories that go with the complete tool compared to buying these items separately.