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Simple, Yet Advanced, Tools for All Ages

It’s no secret that the U.S. is facing a shortage of skilled manufacturing workers. There are roughly half a million unfilled manufacturing jobs today. A study by Deloitte found that one of the top reasons these positions typically go unfilled is the shift in desired skillsets “due to the introduction of advanced technologies.” Barry Chapman of Siemens was quoted in Plant Services saying, "I'm not worried about the 18- to 22-year-olds. The ones who are going to have the biggest struggle are the ones who are older than that. … At the end of the day, when someone has a job to do and you introduce a new tool to them and it's digital, that's hard." 

Or is it?

Ingersoll Rand is proving that advanced tightening solutions don’t have to be complicated.

Ingersoll Rand precision fastening tools have advanced tightening capabilities and data collection. These tools are simple for any generation to program and use. For example, the INSIGHTqc Controller has an intuitive, touch-screen programming interface and ready-to-use protocols. Operators can save time and increase productivity with the integrated help system, an interactive icon that opens the corresponding digital pages of the user manual that apply to the active screen on the controller.

In 2019, almost everyone uses a smartphone. Ingersoll Rand has integrated the one device that people consistently carry with the QX Series fastening tools. The INSIGHT Connect mobile app programs Ingersoll Rand QXC, QXM, QXN and QXX fastening tools without the need for additional technical training, special software, plant network permissions or a laptop computer. Working from a smartphone or tablet, operators can use the app to quickly set up one basic torque and angle control strategy, clone settings from one tool to another, and review cycle and audit logs.

Smart devices aside, manufacturing facilities now have options for tools that don’t require experts to integrate new tools on the line. The Ingersoll Rand QXX and QXC tools are programmable right from the back of the tool. Operators can program the tools from the INSIGHT Mobile App.