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Take Control of Worker Safety Without Compromise

OSHA reports that U.S. employers pay almost $1 billion per week in direct costs related to injuries.1 These costs include compensation payments, medical expenses, legal services and lost revenue from reduced productivity.

Manufacturers lose time to workplace injuries and send workers home to their families, impaired and disabled, for days, weeks or even longer. Day in and out, manufacturers uphold the responsibility to strive toward zero injuries on the job.

RSI Injuries in a Manufacturing Setting

One of the top workplace health-related issues is repetitive strain injuries (RSI). In a manufacturing setting, stance, reach, repetitive motion, vibration and torque reaction may all be contributors to RSI. Symptoms include pain and constrained movement, which reduces worker quality, productivity and satisfaction.

As the power of cordless tools increase, the risk factors for RSI also increase and build over time. However, recent developments in tool control help to minimize RSI exposure. Reduced reaction technology offers the best of both worlds; it helps operations maintain productivity and increases worker safety.


ETS Offers Operators a Flexible, Safe Fastening Solution

New assembly tools feature reduced reaction technology that is highly accurate, easy to implement and is more ergonomic than ever before. Using the Ingersoll Rand® QX Series™ Ergonomic Tightening Systems (ETS), manufacturers can provide a safer working environment for their employees and meet their fastening goals.

Tools with ETS technology produce short torque impulses using sophisticated control of the tool’s motor instead of delivering a continuous force for the duration of the tightening. These pulses reduce the average amount of force transferred to the operator and minimize the effect of the reaction. Tools with ETS help users meet the fastening requirements of many applications, safely.

A workplace injury doesn’t have to impact a manufacturer’s bottom line. Reduced reaction tools provide a simple solution to take control of any fastening process and achieve desired results.