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Ingersoll Rand® stands at the forefront of revolutionizing the electrical utility landscape. With a long-standing commitment to innovation and reliability, we deliver cutting-edge solutions that redefine efficiency and productivity in this critical sector.

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Next-level solutions transform the

future of power distribution

Safety is paramount in the electrical utility industry, and Ingersoll Rand® Power Tools are built with this in mind.


We incorporate many safety features such as:


  • Overload protection


  • Non-slip grips


  • Vibration reduction mechanisms


Minimize the risk of accidents and fatigue and ensure a secure working environment with Ingersoll Rand®


The QX Connect Series™ offers a variety of tools engineered for peak performance across diverse applications.


  • Multi-function display module for quick setup and 


  • Provides up to 32 fully programmable configurations
    on a single tool


  • Available in a variety of configurations, including pistol grip, angle wrench, multiplied, and ETS


  • Wireless & Bluetooth communication options enable flexible line integration, remote monitoring and simple system programming


  • Manage cycle data, control the process, receive system status alerts and implement configuration adjustments in real time with INSIGHTqcx™ using Ethernet, Fieldbus and digital I/O



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