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Using Smart Tool Data to Make Strategic Decisions

Data-driven decisions help companies improve production quality and can help keep costly mistakes to a minimum. However, data is only valuable to manufacturers if they can analyze and communicate insights accurately and consistently.

While digital technologies like connected tools can help manufacturers make crucial production decisions to boost quality and efficiency, the first step is understanding the collected data in order to use it for continuous improvement efforts.


Jeff Lowe, product manager of Assembly Power Tools, offers five steps to use collected data to better the manufacturing process:

  1. Detecting joint irregularities
  2. Understanding operator performance over time
  3. Preventing damage caused by mis-applied fasteners
  4. Identifying areas of waste in order to improve TAKT time
  5. Supporting line re-balancing activities

To learn more about gleaning actionable insights from connected tools, check out a bylined article from Tom Hutchens, Strategic Account Business Director at Ingersoll Rand Power Tools in American Fastener Journal.