Light Vehicle Manufacturing

In the automotive industry, every second on the assembly line counts — so the teams building vehicles need a comprehensive array of tools to get the job done right. Our QX Series™ portfolio helps assembly technicians work with power and precision, all day long.

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A full kit of powerful, durable tools is king in the
vehicle manufacturing business

From maintaining the tight tolerances of wheel bearings to building safety-critical components on consumer sedans, it’s crucial to have tools that get the job done right - every time.


When you choose one of our powerful torque multipliers, you also get our promise of durability, speed, accuracy, and power that the other guys just can’t beat.


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Ingersoll Rand® power tools come equipped with the best features on the market


  • Tech-forward traceable tightening capabilities let you automatically generate a record of service


  • Durable brushless motors and up to 40V battery power keep the work going all day long


  • Lightweight, ergonomic designs ensure comfort during the most demanding jobs


Cordless Precision Fastening Systems

QX Series™ 20V Cordless Torque Multiplier

QX Series™ 40V Cordless Torque Multiplier

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