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With Ingersoll Rand® products and services, you can be sure that the vehicles and tires you service will be kept running smoothly for years to come

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The experts in keeping your vehicles and tires moving

Ingersoll Rand® is your go-to partner for unlocking peak performance through our expertise in vehicle and tire service

The All-New QX Series™ 40V Cordless Torque Multiplier

What we offer...


  • State-of-the-art diagnostic tools that provide precise insights into vehicle health


  • Industry-leading technology to help you identify issues and perform accurate repairs quickly 


  • Durable, efficient, and easy-to-use torque multipliers, impact wrenches, ratchet wrenches, cutting tools, grinders, sanders, polishers, and buffers.


  • A variety of training and support programs to help customers get the most out of their equipment


  • Tools that can extend the lifespan of tires while enhancing fuel efficiency and overall safety



40V Torque Multiplier for Tire Service

Ingersoll Rand® Power Tools enable technicians to efficiently remove stubborn bolts, disassemble components, and tighten fasteners with ease. 


Experience the difference our tools make in improving productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, and discover why Ingersoll Rand® is a leader in the automotive and tire service industry.


1-Inch Cordless Impact Wrench


The World's Most Powerful 20V Cordless Impact Wrench
The 1211MAX Series High Speed Air Ratchet Wrenches

Ingersoll Rand®'s cutting-edge technology delivers exceptional results while streamlining operations.
Whether you're performing routine maintenance, diagnostics, or complex repairs, our tools provide the perfect blend of power, ergonomics, and durability. 
So, when it comes to Vehicle Service and Tire Service applications, Ingersoll Rand® Power Tools are the trusted choice of professionals worldwide.

Tools Built for Vehicle Tire Service

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